We help investors with a long-term, primary objective to achieve a design that will retain long term appeal and optimum operating costs. When proposing a design, we assess it against value management techniques during the design development phase of a project.

Our design approach

  • Focuses attention on the basic function and the particular design or construction process.
  • Emphasizes meeting the basic function at the lowest total life cycle cost without reduction in
    quality and acceptable aesthetics.
  • Encourages evaluation of new construction systems and materials through innovative design.
    In this context, the life cycle cost of a project is defined as an economic assessment of all “significant” costs of ownership over the economic life of the project.

In simplest terms we evaluate the design value by helping to find answers to these questions:

  • What is it? What is the purpose of the proposed devlopment?
  • What must it do? What are the core functions?
  • What does it cost? Does the cost stack up against long-term value?
  • What is it worth? What is the long-term value?
  • What are the materials or methods that could be used to do the same job?
  • What would the alternatives cost?
  • Are any of the alternatives acceptable, after considering  items as aesthetics, maintenance, redesign time, construction time and life cycle costs?

Costs are optimized first by identifying areas of high cost and then by systematically developing alternatives that perform the required function at lower costs.


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Design Considerations

A good project design should focus on the needs of the user; typical requirements in respect of design are identified as Functional, Structural and Services based.


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