Determining the development arrangements once development types would be second category of
decision making within the context of development options. We explore the 8 most common methods...

The most common methods undertaken are:

Raw development sites

The site does not have a development application approved yet. Assessments are undertaken to
determine best use based on zoning provisions.

Development application or Town Planning Approved Sites

Sites with already approved developments in place all ready to construct. This process only
includes managing the tender and construction stage of the development projects.

Rural land subdivision

Undertaken subdivisions of acreage into quarter acre blocks for residential purposes or rezoning
for uses in demand for a particular industry.

Metropolitan land Subdivisions

Similar to land subdivision but this instance more for block of undeveloped land in a
metropolitan cities of Australia.

House and land packages

Similar to land subdivisions, but you bring in a builder and make a margin on the construction.
Unlike building unit blocks, the best part is about this for a developer is that you don’t have to
build anything until the customer buys.

Land banking for re-zoning

Holding the land for the longer term.

Renovations / Retro-fitting

You are adding value to a property for a lump sum gain in a short time – you can do warehouse
conversion into units, renovate an old house into an executive home, use your imagination!

Strata subdivision of unit blocks

The process of either re-developing or refurbishing existing Strata titled unit blocks (flats) with
existing Body Corporate.

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