When evaluating new development options there are a number of possibilities for the potential future use and development of the nominated sites.

The aim of this article is to evaluate each of the options in terms of their social, environmental and economic costs and benefits.
The evaluation details the economic cost and benefit analysis of the various options as well as an evaluation of the less tangible environmental and social costs and benefits of each of the option.

The evaluation criteria are the achievement of the objectives of the Strategy.
With respect to these objectives, the options should be evaluated in terms of the degree to which the outcome achieves the following:


Environmental Objectives

  • Providing a more integrated environment where the sites’ opportunities and values may be
    capitalised, removing constraints to social integration and improving the urban environment for
    residents in the whole community precinct

  • Improving and upgrading the physical appearance, layout, design, form and liveability of housing
    on the sites, incorporating environmental sustainable building principles

  • Facilitating improved use of existing community and public transport facilities, thereby helping
    to reduce demand for additional housing in fringe areas that are typically not well served by
    these facilities

Social Objectives

  • Fostering a community building dynamic, by facilitating the provision of a mix of private and
    public housing with ancillary services and facilities, to remove the stigma associated with these
    places being identified as ‘public housing precincts’ and instead, promoting recognition of these
    sites as being part of the broader community social and urban fabric

  • Providing a mixed private and public housing redevelopment to assist in the integration of
    disadvantaged residents into the community and local economy

  • Providing a better standard of accommodation and mix of housing forms to meet the diverse
    needs of those requiring housing assistance

  • Promote the creation of a more positive sense of place for the community and enrich the local

  • Providing a greater range of housing choice within both the public and private sector, in an area
    that is well served by a range of employment, public transport and community services


Economic Objectives

  • Appreciating the funding requirements for the delivery of cost effective and affordable projects
    and ancillary community services and facilities

  • Facilitating and encouraging private development sector investment in the provision of public
    housing, and improved access to community services and facilities

  • Maximising the yield of the project

  • Minimising car parking ratios given cost of providing car parking and potential for greater net
    community benefit (in environmental friendly terms) of improved public transport service
It is considered by most private developer companies that one of the keys to the successful achievement of the objectives of the development strategy is the incorporation of the ‘right’ private public housing mix on potential sites.

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